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A fully digital workflow experience for employees and clients.

There is only one thing more important than our time. And that is what we spent it on! 

Mcon Services has been designed for the digital age. We walk our talk - we are 100% digital. We take advantage of technology and carefully orchestrated processes to break down geographical barriers. We ensure that everybody stays efficient and accountable. But at the same time, we give them freedom. 

Below you will find a short description of some of the most vital points in our way of working. These are meant to give you a general overview of the different components. For more in-depth information about our set-up, you can watch the presentation video at the bottom of this page.

We Are
Truly Digital

We have decided to go 100% digital. This brings with it quite a few advantages. Advantages that translate into value. This value takes different forms but mainly displays itself in efficiency. Being 100% digital we ensure a high degree of flexibility. This goes for both the financial process and operations. This financial flexibility enables quicker adapting and more growth, while the flexibility in operations enables more efficient results.
Personal time is also of the essence, so keeping efficiency high enables us to create a better work-life integration.
For us, the most important things are time and results.


We believe that work is not a place you go, but something you do. Work is all about generating value and results for your stakeholders, peers, employers, investors, and clients. In this digital age, it makes absolutely no difference where on earth you are physically located. Furthermore, we also believe that time is the most important asset for anyone, and it should not be wasted.

How Is It Possible?

There are two general things that make all of this possible:

1. We are process and digitalization experts, so obviously we put effort into designing our own digital, efficient processes.

We walk our talk. Over the past two years we have sacrificed growth, customer acquisition and better financial results for establishing a solid process foundation of our company. We did this to make sure that we design and prepare ourselves, and our business model, to run as efficiently as possible. We did all of this to design predictable client value. And I guess it goes without saying that we run everything through Podio.

2. Our Frameworks
and Approaches

Our processes are inspired by agile frameworks from the software world. Even though these are software development frameworks, we have mixed and matched different parts of them to end up with processes that are in place for everything. Business analysis. Software development. Processes designing. Consulting. Training material generation. And everything else we do.

As we always say, process design is a process – we never stop improving. Therefore, we continuously stay critical about our processes and keep improving wherever it is possible.

3.   How Do We
Guarantee Value?

Some might think that coordination and communication become hard when everybody is working online and possibly in different time zones. Indeed, it can be. But this is where the true magic of processes kicks in.

The whole point of digital transformation is to reduce the variable human coordination, and design our workflows in a way that allows the digital process to be the main coordination mechanism.
This reduces the need for human coordination but of course doesn’t eliminate all of the variables. Especially here, parts of the agile frameworks have been utilized. That means that all work is double checked and reviewed. This, however, does not necessarily result in higher costs - that is the essence of these frameworks.

Benefits for Customer & Employees
Downsides for Employees
  1. It motivates us to work more efficiently on your projects.
  2. We are transparent and held accountable for our results.
  3. We account and document all of our time. This means that we are able to present it to you down to the minute.
  4. Our processes ensure the highest quality and value.
  1. Employee flexibility to work from anywhere you decide.  Ability to plan your own time and work.
  2. Power to manage work-life integration.
  3. Ability to travel while working. No commuting time. Focus on efficiency
  4. You get measured by your efficiency and results.
You now have a general idea about our working structure.
Now, let us elaborate:
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Work With Us

We are always looking for like minded, innovative, and effective people to join our team. If you think what we do sounds like interesting and engaging to you and you think you fit our working model, we would love to hear from you! Go ahead and fill out the short form below, and you will receive further information about the next steps in the application process.

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