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We create more time for small and medium-sized business owners. We do this by initiating digital transformation, process optimization, and process automation.

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Mcon Model

The backbone of the Mcon Model is the business process lifecycle.
However, we have added a few improvements to make the customer experience more smooth. These improvements come from the software development world. It all comes together to form the Mcon Model, which is summarized in the 6 steps below:

Process Identification
Process Analysis
Digital Redesign
Development and Testing
Deployment and Training
Business Intelligence and Reporting



In this first step, we have a transparent conversation with the client to understand the business and structure of their company. We hone in on important business functions, stress points, and value / waste points.
This conversation allows us to prioritize and figure out on which processes to put our focus.

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Here, we dive deep into the processes selected in step 1. We gather all of the important process stakeholders and analyse the process details. These process details include some of the following: stakeholder responsibilities, how information is being passed between people, where this information comes from, what actions should be performed to create the desired result etc.
Furthermore, we gather optimization ideas from the stakeholders.

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In this step, we start to utilize our technical skills and knowledge. Based on the analysis from step 2, we redesign the process from a digital perspective. It is redesigned by: Including automated features for gathering the information/data. Evaluating dependencies between processes.
Conditions to communicate this information to stakeholders. Designing the features with correct access levels. Designing for ease of use and user experience. The redesigned version is sent for client approval.

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After the approval in step 3, the development starts. Here, we create specific automation logic, system architecture, feature technicalities, and development plans.
Hereafter, the actual development starts and frequent testing is carried out. After each round of testing the process is reevaluated and optimized further.

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When step 4 is completed, the process goes live. But of course an important point here is the user training. Therefore, we provide the client with an in-depth introduction to/demonstration of the new process and features.
Moreover, the client receives written documentation of the process, automations, features and the system architecture. In-person training can be arranged if needed.

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A great advantage of digital processes is business intelligence. When running our digital process, we are able to gather huge amounts of data. This data can be managed in a way that gives the client great insight to their business.
This insight can enforce amazing decision making and make the client aware of new optimization areas. It all comes in the form of detailed, dynamic reports and analytics dashboards.

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It is always best to demonstrate something by a real-life example. We have done so in our Case Study. Here, you will be able to see the Mcon Model applied to a real client process.

The process is rather complex, but thanks to the automation we were able to decrease the stakeholder involvement significantly and save the client 480.000 DKK/year in revenue.

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A truly digital experience for clients and employees. We believe that work is not somewhere you go. It is something you do!

This is why we are 100% remote and run all of our processes digitally. We walk our talk! Doing it this way creates high efficiency, high accountability, and high value.

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“With their professional and dedicated approach Mcon Services helped us develop a proprietary, tailor-made, all-round project and resource management system. It enabled us to automate most of the non-value adding processes and streamline the information and documentation flow.”

Morten Bardrum

 Managing Director, Wolmer Gruppen A/S

"It is a pleasure to work with Mcon. They exhibit great professionalism and always react promptly to any requests. They help us with great technological insights and an innovative approach to process management."

Rasmus Henriksen

CEO, FBB Marketing

"My collaboration with the Mcon team was flawless. The team worked with me on identifying my needs, as we went through the pros and cons of every possibility, in order to find the most suitable solution to the project. The initial process was effortless, and also further development of the process proved the Mcon team to be truly professional."

Jakub Rubinowski

Business Consultant, Copenhagen Business School CSE

"As a result, tailored automation was integrated into the existing systems, and the team provides me with support to-date in case any issue arises despite that the project with them has ended. I see no reason to even consider looking for other consultants to help me with automation, as the Mcon team consists of great specialists and experts in their field. Collaboration with them exceeded my expectations."

Jakub Rubinowski

Business Consultant, Copenhagen Business School CSE

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