Our Beliefs

We believe that time is the single most valuable thing in this world. Everybody - even business owners - needs to take control over their time and not waste it on invaluable stuff. We know that work is very important, but we are absolutely convinced that the time we spend outside of work with our family and close friends is what truly matters. There is no reason to be successful if we don´t share our success with people who mean the world to us!

Digital Transformation

Bending the limitations of both humans and technologies in one´s favor in order to achieve a competitive advantage in such a fast-paces and technologically developing world is what characterizes true digital transformation. For companies digital transformation is about innovation and thinking differently with the intention of bettering efficiency and cutting down costs, but at the same time bringing to light new income opportunities. Though new, digital transformation is something that is more and more needed and highly valuable. However, digital transformation is what personal transformation is to a person – it is an individual matter and must be matched to the company´s culture, personnel, methods, and operations.

“There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s what we spend it on.”

Transformation Areas

Digital Remodeling

Digital transformation is all about innovating the way we work. It goes hand in hand with work optimization and process remodeling. The opportunities that digital solutions bring allow us to form our processes in ways that we never thought we could. We intensely dig deep and analyze in detail how your company is working at the moment, and together with you remodel these procedures from a digital perspective in a manner that suits your needs 100%.

Process Automation

No digital transformation is done without automation. Once we have separated the way you work at the moment from the way you WANT to work, we will design your automations and include them in the remodeled digital processes. Why spend hour sending emails, creating reports, invoicing work, calculating contracts or even making phone calls if the system can do it for you? Time is way too valuable to be wasted!


You will not have to change! Chances are that you are already using a few online systems for bookkeeping, task management, CRM or other functions. Don´t worry, if you like them you can keep them. But just imagine what those systems could do for you if they were all talking together and were integrated into your digital automations. This is really what can bring your efficiency to a whole new level.


There are a lot of powerful automation tools and ways to optimize business processes but based on experience we find Podio to be the absolute best platform due to its extreme flexibility and openness to integrations. Other than that, the user interface is extremely user friendly and self-explanatory when it comes to engaging with all the features that we design and there is no need for maintaining a database or authentications. All this results in very short development time and very low maintenance costs. With this said, if Podio is not the solution for you, we have way more to offer!